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eXo's New CMIS Implementation With GWT-based client

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eXo's New CMIS Implementation With GWT-based client

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The co-founder of the GateIn portal, eXo, has announced today their open source implementation of CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services), an OASIS specification that defines how content can be shared across various content management systems regardless of the vendor or language.  eXo's implementation, called xCMIS, is fully compliant with the latest CMIS 1.0 spec (cd06).  xCMIS supports eXo's Java Content Repository (JCR) and includes a client based on the Google Web Toolkit.  The code is now free and open to the public under the LGPL license.  The next version of the eXo Platform will include the xCMIS server and the platform will be based on GateIn, a portal that is co-developed by eXo and JBoss.

It's been over a year since the CMIS spec was first proposed in order to define a common web services interface that lets developers build applications that have a standard method of communication across many different content repositories.   Although the spec has its critics, the CMIS spec is considered by some to be a step in the right direction for providing an integrated view of an organization's content.  xCMIS is one of the few open source versions of this spec, Apache Chemistry is another.

                                                  A CMIS SOA

xCMIS has been tested to work with third-party CMIS clients like IBM's CMIS Firefox Connector via AtomPub or SOAP interfaces.  The xCMIS server also includes a GWT client that lets developers build Google gadgets or standalone web applications.  The gadgets or applications can be integrated into a portal or loaded from a remote location.  The GWT client is bundled in the xCMIS download and is accessible as a remote gadget that can leverage the GWT client libraries.

The xCMIS server is now available in public beta.  The production-ready version will be released in conjunction with the final ratification of the CMIS 1.0 spec.  eXo says that they will integrate xCMIS into the next enterprise version of eXo platform (3.0) and provide commercial support.  eXo is hosting a free webinar on February 24th to introduce the features of xCMIS and provide a tutorial for creating gadgets using the implementation.

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