Expanded Capabilities to Deliver High-Performance Analytics

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Expanded Capabilities to Deliver High-Performance Analytics

Analyze massive data sets while maintaining performance, throughput, and fastest speed to insights.

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During the opening keynote at TIBCO NOW, Brad Hopper, Vice President, Analytics Product Strategy at TIBCO announced the expanded capabilities around the delivery of high-performance analytics as necessitated by more data, from more sources in every industry.

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Brad talked about a TIBCO client that makes integrated circuits for smartphones where AI is being used to improve the manufacture of semiconductors where there are thousands of circuits on a chip and 15 miles of wiring in a single microprocessor. It's a $7 billion factory with more than 400 steps in the manufacturing process. The ability to process data in real-time enables the manufacturer to innovate more quickly, accelerate production, improve customer satisfaction, increase profitability, and remain relevant and competitive. 

Brad shared news about the new and enhanced capabilities for the TIBCO Spotfire analytics platform that address the challenges data scientists and data engineers face when running interactive analytics on large data sets in Google BigQuery and via frameworks like Apache Spark.

Spotfire harnesses open source to provide high-performance in-cluster analytics, empowering customers and partners to uncover deep insights and accelerate decision making from massive amounts of data. With native BigQuery support in Spotfire 10.4, data scientists can push interactive queries from Spotfire on the largest amounts of data in Google BigQuery to gain near real-time insights.

In addition, TIBCO has enhanced capabilities to address high throughput, low latency, and high concurrency unified analytics workloads by providing native connectivity for self-service access to TIBCO ComputeDB, an in-memory optimized analytics database based on Apache Spark and Apache Geode. ComputeDB combines state-of-the-art approximate query processing techniques to ensure low-latency interactive analytics for streaming and stored data. In addition, ComputeDB memory management and optimizations result in increased throughput, real-time capabilities, and speeds that are up to 20X faster than Apache Spark.

“Enterprises are searching for ways to use big data to fuel innovation, uncover insights, drive competitive advantage, and ignite new business opportunities,” said Hopper. “We continually listen to our customers and what their needs are, focusing on seamless and highly responsive user experience (UX), even when the datasets are humongous. By leveraging the power of native capabilities, combined with the power of our partners and open-source technologies, TIBCO enables its customers to rapidly adapt to changes and accelerate innovation by analyzing large datasets without sacrificing speed and performance.”

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