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Expecting Big Change with New Technologies? Good Luck Waiting.

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Expecting Big Change with New Technologies? Good Luck Waiting.

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Change has always been one of the most important wheels driving the IT industry.

IT product vendors, systems integrators, technology vendors, a plethora of consulting service providers –- all partner with customers to engineer, deliver and enable change in some form or the other.

At the same time, even as they facilitate change directly or indirectly, they find themselves dealing with the need to constantly adapt and re-invent their own businesses.

Change is about a vision of the future. It is about envisioning a result. It is about knowing your destination and laying the path to it.

Here and now

Yet, paradoxically, the most important ingredient that makes change happen, and more importantly, make it work, is not that vision of the future.

It is the present.

It is about the Here and about the Now.

It is about understanding where you are now. It is about the potential you have now. It is about what is bad now. What is good now. What can be better. What is right and what is wrong. What is your strength. What is your weakness. What is your latent potential.

What is the gap between what you can achieve and what you have achieved till now. What is that gap for your team. For your department. Your organization. Your nation.

NowIn this moment.

Change is then only a function of all that you do with that knowledge. With this insight.

But change is not a word only for organizations. It’s relevance does not begin or end with only the IT industry or its players.

Over the past decade as a new technology, concept or a paradigm emerged, it has excited us no end and has had our imagination fired: The personal computer, the Internet, mobile devices, cloud and social networks. And several other things that have emerged in the past decade or more. For all that time, every new development has triggered eager excitement among us. We have been engaged in a perpetual conversation about the significance of these developments and how life will change.

Notice something interesting? Each of our conversations we have been looking at the change and the ’possible disruption’ as a thing bound to happen soon.

That rather dramatic disruption –  or at least a radical change of sorts, nonetheless – that we are referring to is really not in some vague place in the future.

We are either kidding ourselves or we are in a state of denial.

Because that change, that disruption, has already begun. Things are changing, and many things have alreadychanged.

For the good.


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