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Experience: Training With Jaspersoft University

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Thanks to Jaspersoft’s Technical Training Webinar, I was able to participate in an interesting and valuable career enhancing experience. The webinar took place between Jun 7 - 10, and comprised of 32 training hours. The training covered JasperServer Professional, IReport Professional 3.7.0, and JasperETL Professional.

The course was delivered as an online webinar and I had the opportunity to participate alongside people from all over the world.

Our Technical Training Specialist was Mr. Luke Shannon, who did an excellent job (Thanks a lot for your support Luke!) explaining Jaspersoft’s product offerings and providing personalized and real-time feedback during our labs.

Below is a summary of what was covered during each day of the training (If my memory doesn’t fail me!)

  • Day 01: Jaspersoft Business Intelligence (overview and Architecture), JasperReports
  • Day 02: IReport
  • Day 03: IReport, JasperServer (Security working with Spring Security)
  • Day 04: JasperServer, JasperETL Professional, Jasper Analysis (based on OLAP and Cubes)

The structure of each day centered around the explanation of a specific product and its respective uses. About twenty work labs were available in our Laboratory Workbook

Some of the most enjoyable work I did involved DataSources (JDBC), Ad Hoc, Dashboards, IReport, JasperETL, JasperAnalysis (cubes), Repositories, Topics and Domains.

Below is a snapshot of datasource types available in IReport Professional Edition

 Figure: Datasource in IReport Professional Edtion

Snapshot of the differences between IReport Professional and Community Editions

Figure: Palette in IReport Professional Edition

Figure: Palette in IReport Community Edition

The training course proved useful for developers and business analysts alike.

The suggestions I would give would be to add two more training days in order to get a deeper understanding as well as to gain practical experience by working through the labs. A good amount of configuring is necessary, especially for the Jasper Analysis labs.

Since many sessions of the labs consist of specific instructions working with SQL sentences and defining join clauses I would consider it wise to start on some introductory work labs and presentation about the ER of the database sample used in order to have a clear panorama about the domain applied and, more importantly explain how JasperSoft tools can resolve the special requirements for some reports that can’t be easily resolved with pure SQL statements.

I am very grateful to have been offered this opportunity. Thanks to Jaspersoft for calling on - and trusting in - a fellow JasperForge member.

I would also like to thank:

  • Susan Chang
  • Donna Weber
  • Jasmine Teer
  • Matthew Geise
  • Kim Miller

Posted originally in my Blog, here

Furthermore finally the expected source code for the tutorial Spring Web MVC - Spring Web Flow Working With JasperReports. This is available now!!!, You can download from here.


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