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Explaining Mobile Game Marketing: 6 Strategies for the Developers

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Explaining Mobile Game Marketing: 6 Strategies for the Developers

In this article, we will be covering 6 expert pointers which can really augur well with the game developers — assisting them in their marketing endeavors.

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Statista predicts that mobile games are the future and will be generating something in the range of $3.3billion when it comes to the revenues— precisely by the end of 2016. To be clear, 2015 managed to churn out $3billion while we have actually come a long way since 2013 where the growth was restricted to a mere $2billion. The growing trends are pretty heartening for the developers who have already been creating some high-end and interactive games for the masses. However, without proper marketing strategies this arena isn’t expected to shell out profits.

In this section, we will be covering 6 expert pointers which can really augur well with the game developers— assisting them in their marketing endeavors. We can, however, summarize the instances where certain big gaming firms have hired celebrities or created television advertisements for endorsing their products.

The idea here is not just to create a good game but to market it well— across multiple channels.

Create a Short Promotional Video

Most gamers are actually interested in a short introduction which will compel them to download and use the product. They aren’t inclined towards understanding the gameplay or to gauge the interest quotient after using bandwidth to get it installed. Therefore, developers need to convince many gamers at the same time by opting for a short, promotional video.

This video shouldn’t be a stretch and must include only the high-points of the game. Unlike some well-established companies dealing in foam mattresses and other bed essentials, newly established gaming firms and developers need to be precise with their approach and shouldn’t sway from the topic.

There are many games in the market which basically offer similar playing experience and in the promo video, the developer must clearly define the thrilling aspects which make his or her product different from others.

The video can be as short as a movie trailer but needs to be made interesting.

Having a YouTube channel helps as the trailer gets a larger audience to cater to. Once the video is uploaded and shared, it is advisable to share the Play Store or App Store link on the description page of YouTube and vice versa. This approach will help gamers visit the respective pages and check out the video and even the concerned game. Sharing the video over Vimeo is also a rewarding approach.

Leverage Promotional Platforms for Mobile Games

There are times when creating a great game isn’t enough and developers need to hire a marketing expert, on-board. More often than not, the perfect marketing expert brings in those massive levels of exposure by identifying the right audience for the product. Moreover, some promotional platforms are exclusively created for the game developers and offer nominal CPIs for posting relevant advertisements.

These platforms are the best allies for the game developers as the overall rankings and popularity for the concerned product is boosted within a very short span of time. Most of these platforms reveal registered users who will be interested in your games. The idea here is to gain longer installs, organic traffic and better engagement for better ranks.

Create a Web-Based Landing Page for the Game

Not just e-commerce portals, but even games deserve unique landing pages. To be precise, the overabundance of games has forced developers to expand their horizon— readily beyond the app stores. The idea here is to create a web-based home for the specific game and blog about the same.

While the game creates ripples over the play store, the developers can themselves blog about the features sets, hidden tricks and a lot more that concerns gameplay. This can be more of a forum where gamers can ask questions regarding the game. This approach works more like a customer support for the prospective gamers.

Apart from that, game marketing can also get a boost with bloggers using keywords and working the topics for search engines.

Opt for Targeted ASO

ASO or ‘app store optimization’ is one of the better promotional ideas for a game which is expected to find its place in the app store. This approach concerns strategic game positioning for boosting ranking and visibility.

However, some specific sections need to be taken care of for a game to benefit from the ASO. Look for an organic description of the game using perfect keywords that suit the product. Other metrics which are user specific include reviews and ratings, user experience and even the frequency of downloads.

The developer, however, needs to create a friendly and interactive icon for the users, in order to visually appall them. The final idea has to be taking screenshots on the mobile phone and uploading the same over the play store for prospective gamers to have a look at the interface, scenarios, and even the icons.

Make Use of Social Media

Developers must understand that all their efforts are actually for the social media as nobody wants to create a game without being recognized for it. Be it a Facebook page with the game’s icon as the cover photo or sharing links over other platforms— social recognition is something which is second to none. Having an account for the game over multiple social channels is what helps developers the most.

Submit Game to the Review Websites

There are many websites which post game reviews and individuals often have a detailed discussion around the same. Developers should submit their game/games to umpteen number of websites in order to enjoy being in the spotlight. Read into the comments and feedbacks and respond to each of them with immediate attention.

Most of the feedbacks offer ideas for improvement and these need to be taken into consideration by the developers.

Bottom Line

Creating mobile games is hard and interesting but promoting the same is a part of the grand marketing plan— without which the efforts of coding are valueless.

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