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Exploring Microcontrollers, Software, and Tools

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Exploring Microcontrollers, Software, and Tools

Getting set for your next project? Maybe it's time to consider the tools you're using. Here's where to find a comprehensive guide to microcontrollers and tooling.

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I’m using many microcontrollers in my projects, and a lot more are available out there in the ecosystem. Like many others, I tend to select what I am familiar with. But is this the correct approach to select the hardware and tools for your next project?

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For any new project, it is worthwhile to pause a few minutes and reconsider the hardware and software tools to be used. For me, the capabilities of the hardware are important, but even more important are the software and tools. But what will be the winner for that next project? It all depends on many factors, and it is always good to have an overview.

Jay Carlson has published a series about 21 different microcontrollers on https://jaycarlson.net/microcontrollers/, which is an excellent starting point.

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He not only compares the hardware, he covers the software and tools available. He provides many interesting insights and thoughts about the current ecosystem, and hopefully, all these vendors have a read too, as he makes some excellent points.

Jay describes the different microcontroller cores and their peripherals, and he goes into the pros and cons of the software and hardware tools available for all the above microcontroller. And finally, he compares the performance with three different benchmarks. A few of his points might be debatable, but this is the most comprehensive overview I have ever seen. It takes a while to go through the massive amount of information, but if you ever consider choosing a microcontroller plus the software and tools for your next project, it is a very worthwhile read. It might be that there is something better out there you are not aware of.

Happy exploring!


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