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Exploring DevOps: Easing the Transition

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Exploring DevOps: Easing the Transition

Switching to DevOps isn't easy and takes a lot of planning. These resources can help make it easier by laying out the details and important considerations.

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These articles can help you start the transition to DevOps by helping you plan and teaching you essential DevOps skills like CI/CD, pipeline workflows, and Jenkins. Plus, check out our free DZone resources for a deeper look at DevOps concepts, and job opportunities for those in the DevOps and testing field.

5 Trending DevOps Articles on DZone

  1. Twelve-Factor Multi-Cloud DevOps Pipeline, by Abhay Diwan. Learn the twelve steps of a build in a CI/CD DevOps pipeline that employs multiple cloud environments, from source code to monitoring.

  2. End-to-End Tutorial for Continuous Integration and Delivery by Dockerizing a Jenkins Pipeline, by Hüseyin Akdoğan. Learn how to implement container technologies with your Jenkins CI/CD workflows to make them easier to manage in this tutorial.

  3. Functional Testing for Container-Based Applications, by Chris Riley. An application's infrastructure changes the way it is tested. Learn about how containers can be used to benefit testing, especially functional testing.

  4. QA Automation Pipeline - Learn How to Build Your Own, by Yuri Bushnev. Continuous delivery is driving the shift towards automation in software delivery; see how to set up an automated pipeline for your QA processes.

  5. DevOps: The Next Evolution - GitOps, by Danielle Safar. Is it time for DevOps to evolve again? In this post, we take a look at a potential evolution: GitOps. Come find out what it's all about.

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DevOps Around the Web

  1. Chef Extends OpsWorks Capabilities in AWS, Helen Beal, December 6, 2017. See how Chef can help you manage your application lifecycle with continuous automation.

  2. GitLab Tells Us About Auto DevOps, Richard Harris, November 15, 2017. GitLab can help you improve your applications' security with better use of automation in your workflow.

  3. DevOps Chat: Chef Habitat Project Continues to Mature, Alan Shimel, December 7, 2017. See what's in the future of the ambitious Chef Habitat project for enabling a cohesive DevOps process.

Dive Deeper Into DevOps

  1. DZone's Guide to Automated Testing: Improving Application Speed and Quality: a free ebook download.

  2. Getting Started With Kubernetes: DZone's updated Refcard on the open-source orchestration system for managing containerized applications across multiple hosts.

Who's Hiring?

Here you can find a few opportunities from our Jobs community. See if any match your skills and apply online today!

Senior Software Engineer
Location: Remote
Experience: Master’s degree or equivalent in Computer Science, IT, or a closely related field and 2 years of experience as a Software Engineer, Programmer Analyst, or in a related position.

Software Engineer - Test
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Experience: B.S. in Computer Science, related degree, or equivalent experience. 3+ years experience in coding, DevOps, systems engineering, or test automation.

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