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DevOps Zone 2017: End-of-Year Special

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DevOps Zone 2017: End-of-Year Special

Let's look back on the best articles, tutorials, and news from our contributors to wrap up an exciting year of DevOps and CI/CD content on DZone!

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DevOps went through a ton of changes and growth over the last year. In this review, we hope to remind you of the most interesting events and refresh your memory on some of the most-read and most interesting articles from our contributors. Let's take a look back on the best of this important zone in 2017!

Smash Hits From the DevOps Zone

  1. Most Useful Linux Command Line Tricks, by Seco Max. Here it is -  your most popular article in the DevOps Zone this year! Brush up on the command line skills you've forgotten, and learn some you might not know.

  2. Solution Architecture vs. Software Architecture, by David Shilman. This breakout article from a great new author dives into distinct architecture domains, like DevOps and data architecture, how they interconnect, and their importance in overall solution architecture.

  3. The OOP(S) Concepts You Need To Know: Part 1, by Gabriele Tomassetti. Be sure not to miss this series on Object Oriented Programming, or OOP, the most widely used paradigm fundamental to becoming a better programmer.

  4. How to Set Up a Continuous Delivery Environment, by Piotr Minkowski. Jenkins' Pipeline Plugin offers a simple way to configure all steps in the same place. You can do almost everything inside your pipeline without any additional plugins.

  5. A Complete Guide to Performance Testing Types: Steps, Best Practices, Metrics, and More, by Angela Stringfellow. You might think you know everything about performance testing and automation. Read this review of common misconceptions and pitfalls to see how your testing measures up.

  6. The SOLID Principles by Examples Series (Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5), by Michele Ferracin. As the name says, this series of posts explains and illustrates all five principles with code examples, for cleaner, more loosely-coupled code. Don't miss it!

Cool DevOps Articles You May Have Missed

  1. Pimp My Git – Manage Different Git Identities, by Sandra Parsick. Git users- this tutorial runs through two methods of managing Git identities when cloning new repositories for separate projects.

  2. Can DevOps Be a Role?, by Jeffrey Lee. Companies are hiring DevOps engineers left and right, but is DevOps really a role? Let's explore what DevOps is as a role, and as a mindset, brought to you by our awesome DevOps Zone Leader, Jeffrey.

  3. The Ultimate List of C# Tools: IDEs, Profilers, Automation Tools, and More (Part 1), by Angela Stringfellow. If you're tired of using the same C# programming tools, this compilation should give you a better idea of what is out there.

  4. What Is CI/CD?, by Izzy Azeri. Let's take a look at CI and CD, the fundamental cornerstones of any DevOps shop and look at how you can leverage these concepts to help better deliver your next project.

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DevOps News

So much happened in the DevOps world in 2017, it's hard to wrap your mind around. Luckily, our contributor Cynthia Dunlop compiled a great list of the major happenings in her article The Top Software Testing News of 2017!

Superstar Contributors

Though these contributors don't appear in the list above, they've consistently provided us with quality content for the DevOps Zone (and often, other zones, too). Here's a shoutout to more authors worth checking out:

  1. Tom Smith - research analyst, providing us with invaluable executive interviews and more

  2. John Vester - Zone Leader with a finger on the pulse of development news

  3. Erik Dietrich - expert programmer-of-all-trades

  4. Grzegorz Ziemoński - Zone Leader, Java master, and self-titled "software craftsman"

  5. Daniel Stori - Zone Leader and comic artist extraordinaire

  6. Anders Wallgren - CTO at Electric Cloud, sharing years of DevOps experience and knowledge

The zone wouldn't be what it is without all our great contributors. Thanks for another year of sharing your content with us and our community!

Dive Deeper Into DevOps

  1. DZone's Guide to Automated Testing: Improving Application Speed and Quality: a free ebook download.

  2. Continuous Testing 101: This DZone Refcard aims to clear up misconceptions around this concept and teach you about its methodology.

And be sure to check out our newest DevOps Guide, available today on our Guides page!

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