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Exploring DevOps: Work Smarter, Code Better

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Exploring DevOps: Work Smarter, Code Better

Let's talk about improving your code- work more efficiently to make your life easier, and your code better. Read about tricks for Git, programming principles, and more.

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Discover a centralized approach to monitor your virtual infrastructure, on-premise IT environment, and cloud infrastructure – all on a single platform.

This month's dive into DevOps is all about improving your code from the source- you! Learn techniques to work more efficiently, making your final product better (and your life easier). Read about principles of programming, tricks in Git, why you might want to switch to Linux, and more. Plus, you'll find free ebook downloads and job opportunities. Happy coding!

5 Trending DevOps Articles on DZone

  1. SOLID Principles by Examples: Single Responsibility, by Michele Ferracin. This post kicks off a series about understanding the SOLID principles through simple examples to write high-cohesion, low-coupling code.

  2. Simple CRUD With Git, by Unni Mana. Learn to use the basic CRUD commands in Git, like creating a repo and adding or deleting files, to make your life easier and improve productivity.

  3. 8 Reasons to Learn and Switch to Linux, by Grzegorz Ziemoński. The benefits of switching to Linux span across multiple areas, including becoming a better professional, saving money, and having more fun. What are you waiting for?

  4. Configuration as Code With Docker and Spring Boot, by Ram Gopinathan. Learn how this DevOps practice makes life easier for operations, as well as delivering increased velocity to the software lifecycle.

  5. What I’m Talking About When I Talk About TDD, by Uberto Barbini. See how Test-Driven Design makes designing software architecture easier by allowing you to test as you go along and fix mistakes as they arise. 

DevOps Around the Web

  1. Keybase Git gets keys, basically: Secure chat app encrypts your repos, Thomas Claburn, October 5, 2017. This feature promises to ensure security, wherever you're coding.

  2. Java SE 9 and Java EE 8 arrive, 364 days later than first planned, Simon Sharwood, September 22, 2017. Now that the long, long wait is over, let's talk about the code. Check out a full list of the new features.

  3. Linux Foundation Aims to Advance Open-Source Software Development, Sean Michael Kerner, September 14, 2017. Check out this video to see why Linux and The Linux Foundation want to foster collaboration and open source development.

Dive Deeper Into DevOps

  1. DZone's Guide to Automated Testing: Improving Application Speed and Quality: a free ebook download.

  2. Getting Started With Kubernetes: DZone's updated Refcard on the open-source orchestration system for managing containerized applications across multiple hosts.

Who's Hiring?

Here you can find a few opportunities from our Jobs community. See if any match your skills and apply online today!

DevOps Engineer
Location: Santa Clara, CA, United States
Experience: Strong system administration background for Linux based systems. Experience working with config and deploy management tools like Chef or Puppet. Comfortable in scripting languages like Python, Ruby, and Bash.

DevOps Engineer - Remote
Location: Herndon, VA, United States or Remote
Experience: Hands-on working experience with configuring and maintaining resources on AWS. Hands-on understanding of virtualization and experience with Docker. Deep, hands-on experience with Linux and administration. Expertise deploying and configuring code automation tooling, such as Jenkins.

Learn how to auto-discover your containers and monitor their performance, capture Docker host and container metrics to allocate host resources, and provision containers.

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