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Mobile Zone 2017: End-of-Year Special

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Mobile Zone 2017: End-of-Year Special

Did 2017 feel really long to anyone else? Maybe it's because we learned a ton of new skills for mobile development this year! Check out the best this zone offered us.

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When you look back, you can see that we really had a cool year in the mobile development world. Kotlin became a hot topic, we were introduced to the new set of iPhones and iOS11, and our DZone contributors taught us so much about polishing our skills. We wouldn't be here without you, readers - let us take you on a little journey back through the highlights of 2017!

The Best of Mobile Development of DZone

  1. Full Stack Java, by Shai Almog. This year's most-read article in the mobile zone! Learn about getting Java right on Android, which is heavily based on XML.
  2. The Wireframe Tools You Should Know in 2017, by Olaotan Richard. Wireframing tools can be a huge timesaver. This overview of wireframing covers tools like Sketch, Framer, and Simulify, and discusses their benefits.
  3. This Week in Mobile: The Best of Modern Programming Languages, by James Sugrue. Learn a little about everything, from hacking your way to a UX job to the ten most interesting features in modern programming languages.

The Best of Android

  1. Java vs. Kotlin: First Impressions Using Kotlin for a Commercial Android Project, by Pedro Lima. This year, we saw Kotlin starting to be used instead of Java in Android development. This tutorial shows you how to get started, for simpler and cleaner code with less bloat.
  2. Android Clean Code: Part 1, by Mohanraj Karatadipalayam. This article kicks off a great series on examining your app's architecture and optimizing it to support unit testing. Be sure to read all five parts!
  3. 2017 in Mobile: DZone's Top 10 Android Libraries, by James Sugrue. For all you Android mobile developers, here are the best of the new libraries that were released for Android developers this year, brought to you by our very own Zone Leader, James.

The Best of iOS

  1. This Week in Mobile: WWDC 2017 and Refactoring Singletons, by James Sugrue. This week we got some news about WWDC, plus more detail on Swift 4. We also cover reducing your singleton usage in Swift and how to get more from Butter Knife.
  2. SOLID Principles Applied to Swift, by Marco Santarossa. Learn to apply the five SOLID principles to the Swift programming language for clean code and a reusable, maintainable component for mobile development.
  3. Object Oriented Programming in Swift, by Andrei Puni. In this article, you'll find a helpful tutorial for getting started in Swift, and using Swift to create apps and development projects.

You can get in on this action by contributing your own knowledge to DZone! Check out our new Bounty Board, where you can claim writing prompts to win prizes! 

Superstar Contributors

Here are a few more authors in the Mobile Zone who aren't in the list above, but are still consistently providing us with great mobile development content. Check out their articles for a wealth of knowledge!

  1. Greg Brown - software engineer and iOS aficionado
  2. Amy Groden-Morrison - updating us on the power couple that is AI + mobile
  3. Laurence Moroney - master of Firebase and AI
  4. Shashikant Jagtap - font of iOS and continuous integration know-how

  5. Alex Curylo - world-traveling Mac and iOS programmer

  6. Pierce Zaifman - Android developer extraordinaire

That's just a few of the great writers we get to call our contributors. We truly appreciate all of our mobile zone authors- we wouldn't be here without you!

Free Mobile Resources From DZone

  1. DZone's Guide to Mobile Application Development: a free ebook download on mobile development topics.

  2. Getting Started With Appium: DZone's latest Refcard on mobile app automation made awesome with the Appium testing tool.

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