Exploring Mobile: Making the Right Choices

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Exploring Mobile: Making the Right Choices

This month's spotlight looks at articles that will help you choose between testing frameworks, programming languages, and more for your mobile development.

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Mobile developers have to make a lot of choices: what platform to develop for, what programming lang to use, what test framework is best for them, and plenty more. These articles, hot and fresh from the Mobile Zone, aim to help with some of those quandaries. Plus, you'll find links to some of our free DZone resources for mobile developers.

Mobile Zone Trending Articles

  1. Java vs. Kotlin - Which Language Should Android Developers Start With? by Javin Paul. Should new Android developers learn Java, or go straight to Kotlin? According to this article, it depends on the developer.

  2. Using Kotlin in Android Studio 3.0 (Part 1 and Part 2), by Ngoc Minh Tran. Continue learning about Kotlin for mobile development with these great tutorials.

  3. XCUITest - The Emerging iOS UI Test Automation Framework, by Roy Nuriel. Learn how to join the iOS developers using the XCUITest framework for fast, reliable feedback on their mobile UI testing.

  4. Mobile Automation That Works, by Darren Pearson. Take a look at some of the top test automation frameworks for mobile and how they save time and improve quality for Android apps.

  5. Top KPIs for Mobile Apps, by Nicholas Roberts. These KPIs provide a good basis for choosing what to monitor in your mobile apps to keep track of performance and user experience.

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Diving Deeper Into Mobile

  1. DZone's Guide to Mobile Application Development: a free ebook download on mobile development topics.

  2. Getting Started With Kotlin: Download our free Refcard to learn about this JVM language that has gained popularity in the Android community.

Who's Hiring?

In this section, you'll find a few opportunities from our Jobs community. See if any match your skills and apply online today!

Core Android Developer
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Experience: Has at least 4+ years of Android app development experience. Experience with REST APIs.

Senior iOS Engineer
Location: Remote (Full Time/Local)
Experience: Proven experience in developing apps for iPads or phone devices. 3+ years of experience of development with iOS/Objective C/Swift or similar.

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