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Export Selected Link on a Page in PDF File in .NET Applications

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Export Selected Link on a Page in PDF File in .NET Applications

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This technical tip allows developers to get selected link on a page in PDF file using Saaspose.Pdf REST API in your .NET applications. Saaspose.Pdf also convert PDF file to DOC, DOCX, HTML, XPS, TIFF etc. Some important steps for performing this task are to build URI to get selected link on a page, Parse the json string to JObject, Deserializes the JSON to an object and the classes used in this process are given in detail.
[C# Code]

//build URI to get selected link on a page
            string strURI = "http://api.saaspose.com/v1.0/pdf/input.pdf/pages/1/links/1";
            string signedURI = Sign(strURI);
            Stream responseStream = ProcessCommand(signedURI, "GET");
            StreamReader reader = new StreamReader(responseStream);
            string strJSON = reader.ReadToEnd();
            //Parse the json string to JObject
            JObject parsedJSON = JObject.Parse(strJSON);
            //Deserializes the JSON to a object. 
            PdfLinkResponse pdfLinkResponse = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject
            Link tempLink = pdfLinkResponse.Link;

	    //Here is the BaseResponse class
	    public class BaseResponse
	        public BaseResponse() { }
	        public string Code { get; set; }
	        public string Status { get; set; }

	    //Here is the PdfLinkResponse class
	    public class PdfLinkResponse : BaseResponse
	        public PdfLinkResponse() { }
	        public Link Link { get; set; }

	    //Here is the LinkResponse class
	    public class LinkResponse
	        public string Href { get; set; }
	        public string Rel { get; set; }
	        public string Title { get; set; }
	        public string Type { get; set; }

	    //Here is the Link class
	    public class Link
	        public Link() { }
	        public LinkActionType ActionType { get; set; }
	        public string Action { get; set; }
	        public LinkHighlightingMode Highlighting { get; set; }
	        public Color Color { get; set; }

	    //Here is the LinkActionType enum
	    public enum  LinkActionType

	    //Here is the LinkHighlightingMode enum
	    public enum LinkHighlightingMode

	    //Here is the Color class
	    public class Color
	        public Color() { }
	        public List
    Links { get; set; }
	        public int A { get; set; }
	        public int B { get; set; }
	        public int G { get; set; }
	        public int R { get; set; }

[VB.NET Code]

'build URI to get selected link on a page
	     Dim strURI As String = "http://api.saaspose.com/v1.0/pdf/input.pdf/pages/1/links/1"
	     Dim signedURI As String = Sign(strURI)
	     Dim responseStream As Stream = ProcessCommand(signedURI, "GET")
	     Dim reader As New StreamReader(responseStream)
	     Dim strJSON As String = reader.ReadToEnd()
	     'Parse the json string to JObject
	     Dim parsedJSON As JObject = JObject.Parse(strJSON)
	     'Deserializes the JSON to a object.
	     Dim pdfLinkResponse As PdfLinkResponse = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(Of PdfLinkResponse)(parsedJSON.ToString())
	     Dim tempLink As Link = pdfLinkResponse.Link


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