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DZone Tutorial - Microsoft Expression Blend Essentials (7 Part Series)

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The following seven part tutorial explores all the essentials to help you get started with Microsoft Expression Blend.  Joshua Eklund, Lead Trainder for IT Mentors, walks you through everything from setting up projects and hierarchies, to customizing your user controls, as well as adding rich animations to your UI.

Microsoft Expression Blend Essentials

Part 1: Projects and Hierarchies

Microsoft Blend allows users to create complex UI’s, and with that comes complex projects and hierarchies. Learn how to navigate the structure that holds your application together. 

Part 2: Layout Controls

Microsoft Blend has a variety of robust content containers to help you create the perfect UI.  Learn how these Layout Controls interact with content and with each other in your application.

Part 3: Custom and User Controls

What good is a UI if no one can use it?  Bring your app to life with Blends Controls. Learn how to create and customize controls “out of the box”, or better yet, create your own.

Part 4: Interaction

Triggers allow users to interact with your UI.  In this session, you will learn how to add Property and Event triggers to your application.

Part 5:  Animation

In today’s world, grey boxes with grey drop-down menus just don’t cut it. Learn how Blend’s feature packed Animation controls can lift your application to a whole new level.

Part 6:  Data Binding

People need good applications, and good applications need data. Learn how designers and developers alike can tap into the power of Data Binding in Microsoft Expression Blend.

Part 7: WPF & Silverlight

You’ve heard of them both, but which one is for you? In this session we will uncover the differences in developing for WPF and Silverlight, and show you how Blend can help you down whichever road is right for your application.


About the Presenter
Joshua Eklund, Lead Trainer, IT Mentors
Joshua Eklund has been a lead instructor for IT Mentors since 1999, the last several of which have been spent traveling to nearly two dozen countries teaching Business Intelligence.  He is an experienced Web developer, teaching everything from FrontPage and Flash to 3D design. Joshua is the author of several training courses including Microsoft PerformancePoint Server and Microsoft Expression Studio.



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