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EXT Expands into Professional Training & Consulting

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EXT Expands into Professional Training & Consulting

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It's amazing to see how Ext has evolved from simply an UI add-on to Yahoo's UI JavaScript library to a full-fledged framework which is now offering training and consultings services. Taking a page out of the MySQL book, the Ext team is forging ahead with plans to offer a comprehensive suite of complementary services to its highly popular JavaScript framework.

Ext has been quietly offering services for some time now, basically working towards getting certain pieces in place before formalizing the Ext Professional Services division. Many have probably seen the new link at the top of the site explaining the new services being offered by Ext and now it’s time to officially announce it.

The Ext framework provides the tools for developers to create Rich Internet Applications using standards-based technologies and at Ext JS, we want to ensure that our clients can become immediately successful. Our Professional Services team caters to this need by providing consulting and training services to assist our clients in fully leveraging the benefits of the Ext framework.

As a Ext Core Team member, I have to say that I'm ecstatic to be a part of this expansive growth and to see the project evolve. The framework truly is a work of art and I have to give kudos to Jack Slocum for his amazing talent, both as a coder AND a designer. I don't know of many developers that have the talent to make something that is both technically sound and visually appealing.


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