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Ext JS, jQTouch, and Raphaël Unite Under the Name, "Sencha"

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Ext JS, jQTouch, and Raphaël Unite Under the Name, "Sencha"

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Ext JS, the creators of the Ext JavaScript library, have been steadily growing and today the company is taking the Raphaël and jQTouch projects under their wing.  Along with this move, which will add some monetary push to the other projects, Ext JS is changing its name to Sencha -  the Japanese green tea.  Abraham Elias from Ext JS says, "We’re choosing Sencha as our name because it evokes next-generation software development and it’s easy to remember, spell and pronounce. … [Sencha] is in the tradition of Java, and represents a new level of development. It feels memorable to us.  We hope you like it too."  Sencha also has some more exciting announcements coming up.

Raphaël is a JavaScript framework that simplifies working with SVG.  Sencha has just hired project developer Dmitry Baranovskiy to work on Raphaël full-time.  Both Raphaël and jQTouch will be a part of Sencha Labs and maintain their MIT licensing.  Sencha Labs will be a new foundation that holds the copyrights and trademarks for all non-commercial projects under Sencha.  MIT will be the license of choice.  

jQTouch is a jQuery plugin for mobile web development on the iPhone and other WebKit-based mobile browsers.  One of the big questions is how jQTouch will be integrated into future Ext JS developments since it's based on jQuery and not the Ext JS core.  On the blog announcement, Jamie Avins said that we wouldn't have to wait long for the answer to that question.  Jonathan Stark (author of two O'Reilly books on Android and iPhone development) will be the official maintainer of jQTouch.

The roadmaps for Ext JS, Ext GWT, Ext Direct, and Ext Designer are not expected to change as a result of this merger.  These are the Sencha commercial products.  Sencha projects will also continue their mission to bring the HTML5, CSS3, JS revolution to desktop and mobile platforms with rich graphics and touch support.  They say we won't have to wait long for an announcement about the three projects' collaborations.

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