ExtJS 4 x ExtJS 3 Class Names

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ExtJS 4 x ExtJS 3 Class Names

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Ext JS 4 reorganized the API packages names and as a consequence, some classes has a new class name now. The Ext JS 3 class names are still valid in Ext JS 4, but when we are migrating an app from Ext JS 3 to Ext JS 4, it is recommended to change the class name as well.

That being said, I created a simple application where you can quickly search for a Ext JS 3 class name and find its correspondent Ext JS 4 class name. This application contains only the classes which name have  changed.

I hope this can help someone.

And I am open for suggestions to improve this app.

Link: http://loianegroner.com/extjs/examples/ext4-ext3-class-names/

Happy coding!


From http://loianegroner.com/2011/09/extjs-4-x-extjs-3-class-names/


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