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Extlet Plugin for the Liferay Portal Goes Open Source


IBA CZ is happy to announce the public availability of the Extlet plugin for the Liferay Portal. Extlet plugin brings the power of Liferay Ext Development environment and flexibility & simplicity of a plugin architecture. It is more modular than the upcoming official Ext plugin and it's designed to work with the Liferay 5.2.3.


  • Almost as powerful as the EXT Environment
  • Modular - multiple Extlet plugins in one Liferay instance (including config files)
  • Applications build on the top of Extlet are installable as easy as regular WAR plugins and might contain Liferay customizations, hooks and portlets
  • Works with the Liferay 5.2.3 on the Tomcat, support for the Glassfish and migration to the Liferay 6 is in progress
  • Developed and maintaned by IBA CZ
  • Released under MIT licence

Liferay 6 Preview introduced the Ext plugin, which is supposed to replace the old EXT environment. The Extlet Plugin is more powerful but aims to stay as much compatible as possible.

For additional info see the Extlet GitHub home and the Extlet vs. EXT (plugin) comparison.


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