EY shares Key Observations from Hadoop Summit 2016

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EY shares Key Observations from Hadoop Summit 2016

Check out some of the important takeaways from this year's Hadoop Summit: just in time, insights, and future forecasts.

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EY and Hortonworks formed a strategic business alliance in August 2015 that is focused on helping our valued clients turn big data challenges into big business opportunities. Recognizing that big data is transforming business and technology is driving that change, EY plays a significant role in transforming business leveraging emerging technology. We help our valued clients create the right infrastructure to support their data analytics efforts and help gain a real-time understanding of their business through big data. Utilizing emerging technology enablement, analytics, and program management practices, EY is uniquely positioned to deliver new offerings using the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP®), the industry’s only true, secure, enterprise-ready open source Apache Hadoop distribution based on a centralized architecture (YARN).

Some key observations from this week’s Hadoop Summit 2016 in San Jose, California reinforce the value of our alliance. The just-in-time insights that today’s data-driven business executives demand are impeded by the sheer volume of data being stored — yet truly is not needed to drive analytics. The cost of these ever-expanding data repositories is becoming prohibitive and stretching the chief information officer’s budget. The rapid influx of technology appears to have (in some cases) paralyzed organizations when it comes to understanding how these solutions can coexist within their organization and help them harness the available data, both inside and outside of their firewall.

EY and Hortonworks have worked closely to develop differentiated service offerings that help minimize cost as well as enhance the ability of real-time analytics of this invaluable data that an organization should leverage. When emerging technologies like Hadoop and SAP HANA’s in-memory solution are combined and integrated across the entire organizational data platform, true, value-added, integrated and end-to-end business intelligence can be achieved. EY recently released its Warranty Analytics service offering leveraging SAP HANA and the Hortonworks Data Platform.

This offering:

  • Provides for improved forecasting of claims in future periods by make and model, by geography, or for specific dealerships and repair locations.
  • Allows for early identification of quality issues to correct them before customer delivery, thereby minimizing recalls.
  • Uses analytics to set warranty reserves properly.

I wrote about the integrated value of SAP HANA and Hortonworks Connected Data Platforms in this blog and co-presented the “Transform Warranty Claims with Next Generation Analytics” webinar with Hortonworks in June. You can access the recording here.

Driving Business Value with the Future of Data

EY brings together the power of our EY Advisory Services, deep sector knowledge, experience with legacy technology investments, and Hortonworks Connected Data Platforms to drive business value for our valued clients.

The EY and Hortonworks alliance allows us to collaboratively address the needs of today’s data-driven organizations who are looking to leverage newly-available data (both structured and unstructured) to gain better insights and increase operational efficiency, improve profitability, and reduce costs. The ultimate goal is to obtain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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