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F5 Long Distance VMotion

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F5 Long Distance VMotion

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One of the most talked about things in clouds these days is the ability to move data from one cloud to another cloud with little to no downtime. People have been doing this for a long time within a single datacenter using technologies such as VMware VMotion. Heck, I can remember first showing that off to people in 2003 and making their heads spin. Well, prepare for your head to spin again. The good people over at F5 have been hard at work and have an amazing demo of long distance VMotion (across the country to a different datacenter – live) up on the web. Watch the video below and then read on for some insights into what this means.

Pretty awesome, right? What’s interesting about this setup is that it doesn’t really require anything special on the storage side. Since they’re doing a storage VMotion over an extended distance that’s really the slow part. And if you remember from storage VMotion I can go from any storage to any storage while the VM is running. By using the unique technologies from F5 that allow for traffic redirection they’re able to move application stacks seamlessly between datacenters. The same thing could be done between clouds. What I like even more about this is that they do this by leveraging vCenter Orchestrator. That has become one of my favorite products here at VMware and it’s even included with vSphere for free. More on that product later in another post though.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this. For more information make sure to reach out to F5.



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