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Facebook Customer Service: The Way of the Future

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Facebook Customer Service: The Way of the Future

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When it comes to the realm of customer service, regardless of the given industry in question, it is imperative that a commercial business have some semblance of customer service to offer their clients and customers in times of confusion or difficulty relating to a product or service. In today's modern and fast-paced technology driven world, utilizing certain internet and digital infrastructure elements for the purpose of assisting customers and providing basic customer service can sometimes mean the difference between customer service that is impressive and productive, or customer service that is frustrating and less than fruitful to clients. Perhaps the most potent and useful medium for internet/digital customer service is interfacing and advertising in Facebook. This is a medium in which a real-time forum of discussion can be accessed, which is an extremely valuable tool for those companies who need an outlet to communicate with customers and clients on a broad scale and in real time. For the benefit of all interested parties, some of the top brands in terms of Facebook customer service will now be highlighted and discussed briefly.

Certainly when it comes to companies having success with providing their clients and customers with customer service via Facebook, not all companies are created equal. This is to say that some companies have been significantly more successful than others in terms of reaching out to customers on Facebook, and responding to customer service queries on Facebook. A hierarchy of the most successful industries using Facebook to facilitate their customer service in Q4 of 2013 would show the airline industry in first place in terms of industries using Facebook for customer service. After the airline industry comes the telecom industry, followed by the finance, retail, and fashion industries. KLM Airlines is in first place in terms of their success with responding to customer service queries via facebook as of Q4 2013, which is due to a view different qualifiers. One of which has to do with the average amount of time it takes the airline to respond to customer service questions that are posted on facebook, while another qualifier has to do with the total percentage of questions being responded to by the airline or other business in question. These and other qualifiers help to determine the overall success of a business's customer service via Facebook. In second place after KLM Airlines is a company called Personal from Argentina, and in third place for Q4 2013 is a company called Claro from Guatemala.

Although online customer service help can be solicited and tended to on Facebook quite easily, Twitter is also sometimes used by businesses for its ability to quickly have basic customer service questions asked and answered for all concerned customers to see and learn from. Aside from question response time and question response rate, one additional metric being used to determine the most successful social media company customer service businesses is "answered minus unanswered questions." All of these metrics combine to provide a accurate representation of how well a business has utilized social media in order to provide customers and clients with helpful customer service.

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