Facebook Drops Java Support - Loses Another $1B of Fantasy Valuation

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Facebook Drops Java Support - Loses Another $1B of Fantasy Valuation

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This just in from the Facebook-PR-flacks-writing-pure-dross department:

"We appreciate all of the effort and time that you've (Java developers, that is) invested in working with us, and apologize to anyone that this change inconveniences. However, we hope you recognize that this is being done with our main goal in mind- improving the overall Facebook Platform experience for users and developers alike."

According to the developers blog, Facebook has decided to discontinue support for the official Java client library. This seems contrary to the claim that the "Facebook Platform has been evolving at a very rapid pace". Maybe it's just me, but real evolution for Facebook would be the development and maintenance of more official APIs to allow developers to use their language of choice to add on new applications.

Instead of relying on their in-house team of developers, community libraries will fill the gap for a Java API. Is this enough? If Facebook want third party APIs to be used to hook into the platform, then why bother writing any others? I haven't tried it myself, but have you been writing Java applications for Facebook - does this affect you?


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