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Facebook Users Demand – and Get Apology from Facebook Again

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Facebook Users Demand – and Get Apology from Facebook Again

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 An apology sent from Facebook themselves!  What’s all the hubbub about this time you ask?  Well, apparently just over 6 million loyal Facebook users had their phone number’s, email addressee’s or in some cases both given out to strangers freely!

Facebook claims they just discovered a bug in their archives which has been alive and growing since mid 2012.  And while this bug was cleaned up in about 24 hours, it managed to cause a small online panic frenzy.

In fact, even several gambling sites chose to get in on the action, and pack away some profits.  Thats right!  We are told that there’s a market for gamblers looking to profit by betting on the month of the next major Facebook data breach.

Certainly, we aren’t here to promote the profiting of gambling of this nature.  However, it’s both fascinating and comical in a sense to witness the evolution of gambling.  This new venue has caused many experts to predict even more data breaches with the biggest online social sites.

What makes this data breach so exciting is that many of the victims of this latest episode are claiming that they have lost personal contact info, that was never given to Facebook in the first place.  Third party tech gurus are suggesting loudly that they believe Facebook is harvesting contact data from third party web sites of various Facebook users and connecting it with potential “FB Friend” accounts.

Great!  Now your X-girlfriend can start sending you nasty text messages once again, to your new cell number.  The fun never stops!

This sort of “Corporate-Slip-Up,” while unethical and down right creepy, would certainly aid Facebook’s expansion of its network by generating new friend recommendations.  But it’s “all good” we’re told, as Facebook has informed the millions of victims by email, assuring them that this was an isolated event.  Isolated?  Hmmm, anyone want to make a bet on that?


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