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Continuous Delivery is all about being production ready on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis. We're all going to run into faulty builds at some point and in a fast-paced release environment, earlier is safer and cheaper. Agility is all about short feedback loops.

A new version of Go, the Continuous Delivery managment tool by ThoughtWorks Studios, is up for grabs today with a feature that is going to help package the right versions of your components and eliminate spurious builds. 

Here are the specifics on the new features:
  • Go’s new “Fan-in” feature allows you to model your workflow to fail fast. Continuous Delivery is about failing fast to learn fast. Early failure is cheap and easy to fix. So it really comes down to getting short feedback loops across your build-test-release workflow. What can you do with “fan-out” and “fan-in”?
    • package the right versions of your components – eliminate spurious builds
    • parallelize testing activities in different environments to find issues as quickly as possible
  • Are you happy with a pipeline and are ready to create a template? Extract a template! This makes scaling easier and promotes consistency in your build-test-release workflow. A common use case is when you want to start using your deployment mechanism across multiple environments.
  • Pipeline Group administrators can now view and edit the underlying XML configuration. Some administrative tasks are easier done using the XML (and believe it or not some users prefer the XML!). We took this away in a previous release and are bringing it back in a better form.


  • Silent (unattended) Windows installer. You no longer need to stick (and click) around when you install a Windows agent. Thank you for your patience!
  • Your CCtray client now shows you who broke the build.
  • API to cancel a Stage.

Go Community Edition 

  • Go Community now has access to all features!
  • Teams of up to 10 users can now have access to a fully featured Continuous Delivery tool, for free.
  • This includes Go Environments, templates, pipeline groups and pipeline group security.

Bugs Fixed 

  • The Pipeline Compare feature now uses “push date” and not “author commit date”.
  • Check connection issue with Perforce

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