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Famous Logos in Pure CSS3

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So a bunch of pure CSS3 logos isn't as much fun as the South Park CSS3 I posted a few weeks ago -- but it's probably closer to real dev projects, and in some ways more complex.

Logos are pieces of design excellence, often huge investments by companies with a strong desire to create and maintain a brand image. The graphic designer has pixel-level control, of course, but a well-designed logo will not include pixel-level details. Rather, the logo should contain relatively little pure graphical data -- partly to make it easier to recognize, even backwards or upside-down; partly to maintain the logo-company association however many products the company produces; and partly, and purely practically, because the logo needs to be reproduced in multiple media (on clothing, for example). For many logos, the key word is: iconic; and iconic images are always graphically simple.

And fortunately for the web, iconic logos are comparatively easy to make. (Mixed image-text logos are pretty easy too, and CSS3 does wonders for typography as well -- but code-wise less complex.)

For example, the Apple logo: 

You can probably imagine how you'd code this in CSS3, but it would take a bit of work.

What about the Windows logo?

You guessed it: skew transform! and rotates, obviously. (But for some reason I like skews better.)

The full collection of logos is worth checking out, and of course codebrowsing (through conveniently placed 'View Code' buttons below each logo..also in CSS3).

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