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FAQ of Executives Regarding Apache Hadoop

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FAQ of Executives Regarding Apache Hadoop

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Apache Hadoop has slowly been infiltrating the mainstream business world, but many executives are still left with doubts about whether adopting Hadoop is a sound strategy for their organization. 

Is Hadoop enterprise friendly? Is it economical for an organization to use?

These are a couple of the questions presented by tech executives regarding the Apache software. Here’s our quick reference guide answering common questions about the use of Apache Hadoop:

Is Apache Hadoop an economical option?

Apache Hadoop is an 100 percent open source technology developed by Doug Cutting, Cloudera’s Chief Architect. Hadoop is cost efficient because it relies on an internally redundant data structure, and since it’s deployed on industry standard servers rather than expensive specialized data storage systems, you can afford to store data not previously viable.

Using Hadoop makes it affordable to store all data in an organization and make it available for analysis to discover new business insights previously hidden by data silos. Technology always comes with an upfront cost, but Hadoop’s system proves to be cost effective for massive amounts of data in the long-term.

Can Hadoop Handle Big Data Efficiently?

Hadoop is an efficient option to handling large amounts of data since it’s a complete and accessible data hub that can store all of a company’s data allowing companies to access it at anytime as business needs change. Enterprises using Hadoop as a service  will find that they can readily access Big Data and receive valuable business insights.

IT experts will discover Hadoop to usually be more cost-effective and faster than standard SQL databases.

Are Open-source Products Enterprise Friendly?

While Hadoop is open-source, Hadoop vendors offer additional products and services that make Hadoop easier to deploy. Hadoop as a Service providers offer Hadoop purely as a plug and play technology with no management required. If you are interested in an on-premise solution, look for a vendor that has enhanced Hadoop and offer support for setup and implementation. Relying solely on the open-source technology will require significant expertise and time in order to set up and maintain the Hadoop infrastructure.

Is Hadoop secure?

The release of Hadoop 2.0 addressed some of the previous security concerns regarding Hadoop. Hadoop vendors will offer their own security measures on top of what is built into the open source technology, so as long as a vendor is chosen carefully, security should not be a concern with Hadoop. 


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