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The fastest browser poll: results

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After a week, we closed the poll on Web Builder Zone to discover which is the browser considered the fastest by our community of developers.

The results are a bit unsurprising, but gives us some information about subjective opinions on performance, not browser diffusion.

Chrome (Chromium in some cases) is still the first browser to go to, since its selling point *is* actually speed. Two thirds (""%) of preferences goes to Google's browser.
Chrome extensions were recently under scrutiny due to security issues, but typically Chrome is not slowed down even by many of them running at the same time.

Firefox gets the 17% of votes: after Firefox 4 and 5, it runs at an acceptable speed and has a strong community which was won back by the performance gain. It still hogs CPU and memory on some platforms (e.g. Mac OS X).

Note that extensions play a part in Firefox slowdowns. For example, Firebug is the overall most problematic extension, to the point that it must be turned off for the majority of the time. Chrome integrates its own equivalent for Firebug.

Opera is on the podium with the 10% of votes: a significant percentage. Its average market share is boosted up in this community of developers. Opera is also on the cutting edge with HTML 5, so it makes sense that developers find its speed and technology support compelling.

Note IE at 3%, this is a reflection of the bias of our poll, which has been taken by developers. No sane web developer will use IE to develop JavaScript heavy application for example, but it's still very diffused in the rest of the world.

Safari got about at the same percentage of votes - the two main browsers are shipped with their operating systems, but power users like web developers are able to shift to another browser very quickly.




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