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Feature of XML

Feature of Extensible Markup Language :-

1>  XML is heavily used as a format for document storage and processing, both online and offline.

2> Content-based XML markup enhances searchability, making it possible for agents and search engines to categorize data instead of wasting processing power on context-based full-text searches.

3>  The XML document which uses the DTD has the XML tags in it. It is in the XML document, the tags or the elements are defined for the data.

4> XML does not allow References to external data entities. Named character references are not allowed in XML. XML does not allow empty comment declaration.

5> XML is extensible, because it only specifies the structural rules of tags. No specification on tags them self.

{{ tag }}, {{tag}},

{{ parent.title || parent.header.title}}

{{ parent.tldr }}

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{{ parent.authors[0].tagline || parent.tagline }}

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