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Featured MVB of the Month: Trisha Gee

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Featured MVB of the Month: Trisha Gee

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Starting this month, DZone's MVBs will receive an exclusive newsletter highlighting fellow MVB's successes and showcasing their projects. We'll also get an in-depth update from one of our MVBs. This month, Trisha Gee took the time to wrap up her 2014 and talk about her big plans for 2015.

Meet Trisha Gee, developer at MongoDB and Java Champion. She recently stole the show at hack.summit(), where she gave an in-depth tutorial on using Angular JS and MongoDB together for a Java application. She was kind enough to tell us a bit about what she's been up to:

"I've definitely finished this year on a high - a couple of weeks ago I demonstrated building a web app live in less than an hour at hack.summit(), which was really well received and had some great comments and questions afterwards. I've been giving this demo for most of the year, evolving it over time into the version presented at hack.summit(), and something I've learnt (apart from how insanely hard it is to get live demos right) is that developers really love to see something demonstrated live. They like to see someone working the way they work, so when new technologies are demonstrated they fit better into the developer's mental model of how and where to use them.

Apart from presenting and writing blog posts about presenting, however, code-wise I've been working on and off on Morphia, an ODM (Object Document Mapper) for MongoDB, and I've just released the latest version of that today. But the main focus for our team at MongoDB has been working on the new Java Driver. We've been working on it for a while now, and I'm optimistic there'll be something to show for all that effort Very Soon.

Although I've finished this year on a high, I'm actually really looking forward to next year too. I've learnt a lot at MongoDB, but I'm off to New Adventures in the new year - I'm joining JetBrains, who make the fantastic IntelliJ tool, and I'm hoping to do a lot more demos like the one for hack.summit(), showing developers how to create applications that do cool things using technologies that we all hear about but don't always get a chance to use. I also expect you'll see me out and about at various conferences - I'm definitely going to be at QCon London, and I'm sure I'll be at a number of other conferences and user groups in Europe and worldwide. Of course, as always I have a new year's resolution to blog more, but even if I don't blog more there will definitely be more articles (both technical and opinion) that will no doubt make their way onto DZone. I'm really excited about next year."

Thanks Trisha! Make sure to check out her articles and follow her on Twitter!

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