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The Features & Advantages of PHP Cloud Hosting

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The Features & Advantages of PHP Cloud Hosting

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PHP is one of the most popular programming languages when it comes to developing websites and applications due to its open source nature. Making a PHP cloud means you have the utility and scalability of Cloud and developer friendliness of PHP.  Well this is not the only advantage of PHP cloud hosting .

1.  Scalability:

Made an awesome website but but your PHP failed during a traffic hike? With PHP cloud hosting you can always upscale and downscale your website. Combine this with the pay-as-you-use and your PHP Cloud  will not be always live yet economical. You can always spin new servers when the load increases and pay only for the time you used them.

2.  Flexibility with any application:

Select Apache, Nginix or any other web server software, SQL (MySQL, MariaDB), NoSQL (MongoDB) or memcache; PHP cloud hosting is flexible with all of them. Select your version of PHP, applications you want and you are ready to go with your PHP cloud.

3.  PHP management:

Another benefit of PHP cloud is that its management is easily available like that on Cloudways. When you chose managed PHP cloud hosting you have cloud engineers at your disposal that can create and manage a custom cloud as per your requirements. This means you focus on your PHP app while the entire cloud environment is always optimized for it.

4.  Cost effective:

Hosting LAMP stack on the cloud is comparatively cheaper than other software stacks as it is entirely open source. PHP hosting based apps on cloud is not just economical than hosting it on local servers but your PHP cloud hosting will allow collaborative work while giving you complete control of your PHP environment.

Bottom Line:

Compared to conventional hosting, PHP cloud hosting has all what it takes to develop and deploy your PHP based applications. With managed PHP cloud you can give your entire attention towards your multiple PHP projects while an MSP makes sure your apps are in a robust cloud environment.

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