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February Agile Roundup: Leadership and Teambuilding in Agile

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February Agile Roundup: Leadership and Teambuilding in Agile

While we roundup everything Agile this week, we also take a moment to remember that the focus of Agile frameworks is to build a team while building a product.

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So, let's get the basics out of the way: we all know that Agile is a method that contains multiple frameworks (Kanban, Scrum, etc.) that is aimed at multiple priciples created in the Agile Manifesto. And while it's easy enough to read the Manifesto and the principles it supports (both of which are, unlike almost anything else dev-related), putting them into application to improve your leadership and your team's collaboration is often a more daunting prospect.

In this edition, we're going to round up all of the article from the month that can help us "a face to a name" and identify concrete ways to implement Agile processes and improve...well, everything. Let's get started.

Sprinting Ahead

Here were the most viewed articles from the past month.

Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (Part 1) by Muhammad Umair — This four-part series tackles the benefits of iterative software design and object-oriented analysis. We start with a focus on how design has evolved.

Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (Part 2) by Muhammad Umair —  Second verse, same as the first. In part two of the same four part series on Object-Oriented Design, we go over some of the core definitions behind the practice.

The 2018 Olympic Games and Agile by John Vester — Zone Leader John Vester takes a look at the 2018 Olympic games, building parallels with Agile development lifecycle adoption.

Traditional vs. Agile Software Development Method: Which One is Right for Your Project? by Denisse Morelos — Everyone's talking about Agile, but does it necessarily fit your business needs? Talk to your local product team today to find out if Agile is right for you.

6 Skills Developers Should Build to Unstick Their Careers by Eli Lopian — Feeling a little like a programmer in a hamster wheel? Maybe some of these tips will help you advance your career and escape the monotony.

Editor's Corner

I would caution that my selections this month may not have anything to do with the theme, but since Agile is all about focusing on the team in the product, everything should be theme-adjacent.

Don’t Chain Yourself to a Desk! by Xander Forder

I think I speak for all Millennials in attendance when I say, "Thank. You." Just as every other generation before us probably has (but maybe not as much), it seems that Millennials are consistenly criticized for how we are perceieved in the workplace. Here, Xander provides some insight into what Millennials may really be looking for in a workplace.

5 Powerful Things About the Sprint by Stephanie Ockerman

Consider the humble Sprint: a fixed-increment segment of development that includes agreed-upon, but changeable, production results. That's the very basic gist of it, but the Sprint is sooo much more, and this article does a great job of highlighting what makes a Sprint so valuable to the Agile framework.

UX Design Trends to Watch in 2018 by Magdelena Brych

This ain't your typical listicle. Full of rich content and expansive talking points on each design trend, this article goes a long way toward actually making you believe each of Magdelena's arguments on the trends she chose. AI, CDD, video, animation, and design systems converge in this article, with a little AR for good measure.


The Five Relationships for the Product Owner [Infographic] by Venkatesh Krishnamurthy

With so many responsibities and roles to juggle, it can be easy for the Project Manager to get a little turned around about who they are responsible to for what. This infographic should give the Project Manager, his/her team, and upper management a better idea about what the PM is supposed to do and for whom.

Tools for Remote Teams That Improve Communication and Teamwork by Arina Katrycheva

Working from home isn't always easy, and working with a team that works from home rarely is. Here, Arina puts the tools in your hands that will help you better communicate and work with a team that you may never see. 

The Ignored Parts of Agile by Holger Paffrath

In the midst of all your stand-ups and Sprint plannings, don't forget the root focus of any Agile transformation: a people-centric focus. While there certain implementations of Agile call for different layouts, Holger reminds us to stay true to the idea that a great product can only come from a great product development team. 

That's it for this week. As always, keep the articles coming and leave anything you might think I missed in the comments!

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