February in IoT: Surveys and Synergy

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February in IoT: Surveys and Synergy

Get caught up with the latest IoT news, make your voice heard with the latest IoT Developer Survey, and get a list of projects you can work on.

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Happy February, everyone! It's been an interesting few weeks in the world of IoT. As I compiled this list of IoT news, tutorials, and research, a couple of things cropped up I wanted to highlight.

First, if you haven't already, please check out this year's Eclipse Foundation IoT Developer Survey! IoT is still a young field, so it's important to make your voice heard within the ecosystem.

And secondly, the theme of synergy popped up over and over. Whether it was how AI and IoT augment each other, how Google plans on incorporating IoT into GCP, or how MQTT, Kafka, and databases can work together, it's been a pretty interesting month.

Connecting You With What's Cool

  1. IoT Developer Survey 2018, by Roxanne Joncas. First, a bit of timely news! This year's Eclipse Foundation IoT Developer Survey is out! Take this year's survey and check out previous years' results.
  2. MQTT + Apache Kafka + InfluxDB + SQL = IoT Harmony, by Stefan Bocutiu. This is a deep dive into real-time and time series IoT data using MQTT, Apache Kafka, InfluxDB, Lenses, and a handful of SQL code.
  3. My Raspberry Pi Kubernetes Cluster, by Chris Short. This is the classic story of a boy and his Raspberry Pi-based Kubernetes cluster. See how one dev went about setting up his own (creating an Ansible playbook along the way).
  4. The Synergy of AI, IoT, and Finance, by Dmitry Budko. Let's see how AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics, combined with the data generation capabilities of IoT, are impacting the Fintech sector.
  5. IoT Use Cases, by Tom Smith. The industries with the most use cases are healthcare, manufacturing, oil and gas, and automotive. The most frequent applications are prevention and prediction, optimization, and autonomy.

By the way, if you're interested in writing for your fellow DZoners, feel free to check out our Writers' Zone, where you can also find some current hot topics and our Bounty Board, which has writing prompts coupled with prizes.

IoT Around the Web

And the Google Said, "Let That Be Mine!"

Oh, my.

It's always fun when Google gets involved in a project — or in this case, just buys it. If you're not familiar with Xively, it's a connected product management tool. Google Cloud plans on using it to jump head-first into the IoT market by utilizing an established platform. The overall idea is to more closely link IoT developers who use GCP with the cloud itself. And since the cloud is a pretty handy place to store IoT data, there seems to be quite a bit of synergy in that decision.

Bringing Housecalls Back

When I think of practical IoT use cases in the real world, my first thought is usually either predictive analytics or healthcare (which, now that I think of it, are kind of the same thing as far as IoT is concerned). A company called Heal is venturing into remote health monitoring. They're using BLE devices to access and receive alerts based on devices patients use around their home and, if necessary, connect patients with doctors.

Transforming Your (Smart) Home

Want a whole bunch of projects at your disposal so you can rattle them off one by one over the weekend? Here's a great compilation of (mostly) DIY endeavors that cover everything from security cameras to your garage door to climate control.

Diving Deeper Into IoT

Looking for Work

Senior Software Engineer – C++

Location: Belfast, United Kingdom


  • Degree in Computer Science or equivalent
  • 4+ years of software development experience with C++
  • Solid experience developing time critical Windows applications
  • Strong understanding of the Win32 API and the Windows OS architecture.
  • Experience with COM/DCOM, STL, Windows services
  • Experience writing multi-threaded application
  • Experience with ASP.NET framework and C#
  • Thorough knowledge of object oriented development.
  • Solid understanding of web technologies
  • Proficiency with Visual Studio 2010

Senior Software Engineer – Decision Engineer

Location: Chicago, IL, United States


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Science, Programming or Engineering related field
  • Some exposure to simulation methodology
  • 5+ years experience building software tools preferably in Java
  • Stickler for clean, clear, and concise code
  • Experience working in a test-driven development
  • Familiar with Agile methodologies
  • Comfortable working directly with stakeholders and scoping out requirements
  • Java, C#, or a similar modern object-oriented language
  • Experience deploying command-line software applications in the cloud
  • Familiarity with SQL and databases
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