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R.I.P. Felipe Gaúcho: DZone MVB & Tireless Java Advocate

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R.I.P. Felipe Gaúcho: DZone MVB & Tireless Java Advocate

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The DZone team was very sad to read the news that Felipe Gaúcho had passed away this weekend. Felipe has been an active member of JavaLobby for many years, as well as being a key JUG leader. We'd like to say here how much we appreciate his many contributions to JavaLobby as a DZone MVB. Our most recent post from Felipe was just last Friday. 

Even though we never had the chance to meet him in person, it's clear that he was well thought of by his peers: 

Felipe was a young man with strong positions. It took time to convince him about other point of views, but he was the only one I know that once you get to change his position you will be the first one to know that. He comes back to the topic, merges points, discusses other details and goes on the direction of a better overall solution. I believe I improved my diplomacy skills discussing technology and community with him.

Felipe posted 29 pieces here on JavaLobby, each one of them a well written, concise article. Some of our favourite pieces include:

Today, Java.net has another piece in memory of Felipe, and it's clear from that post that he's had an impact on many people in the community. We think he would be happy to know how highly we all thought of him.  He certainly made JavaLobby a better place, and his contributions and articles will be missed. Our thoughts are with his family. If you have any memories or stories about Felipe that you'd like to share, please do.

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