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Few More Thoughts on Android Studio

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Well, I watched the tech session. Unbelievably, in an hour long session, which btw, was really sloppy and poorly presented, there was not a single mention of testing.. !! What year is it?? I thought we stopped arguing whether TDD was a priority a decade ago. Not google, apparently. Went on to find out that there is no test runner support in the IDE at all right now! You have to run the gradle script to get your tests run. That makes this ‘tool‘ completely unfit for developmentAFAIC.

Meantime, the session showed a few things that were decent. So let me get a few positives out there. The use of gradle is a good idea. I could not figure out how to open the view preview, but that also looks like a step forward. The most impressive part of the session was when the IntelliJ guy came up and showed how extensive the code completion is. Not much more than eclipse (but much more than xcode): will create variables that don‘t exist, move them, stub out methods, etc. I wish the Xcode team would just do this stuff, but it‘s still not enough to make up for all the things Xcode has. Frankly, a point-by-point comparison of this to Xcode would be a total wipeout. Yet most Android tweakers don‘t even know cause they‘ve never even looked at Xcode.

Meantime, one mystery solved in this session: Android Studio will be free, unless you want the real edition, then standard IntelliJ pricing applies. Which is hysterical because if I have a team of 10 I will end up spending $5000 and a yearly stipend. In Xcode, I can have a team of 100 and my prices is $99 per year, and that includes a support incident!

I also watched a session about scaling Java that was bizarre and witless. People are saying that it‘s Google v. Apple. It‘s really Google v. the world at this point. They are trying to knock Amazon out on the cloud front, their purchased Moto division is competing against Samsung, their new music service against Spotify and Pandora, their ads and social network against Facebook. No wonder Larry wants a vacuum.

I predict that Amazon will get a serious challenger for the cloud space, but that it probably won‘t be google. I also have some advice for Amazon‘s challengers: look at their service, it‘s really a bridge technology, aimed at getting the existing generation of technology infrastructure goat herders to move their operations into the virtual world. Of course, the screw will get turned again, and the result will look very different. It‘s doubtful Amazon will have the vision and dexterity to do that themselves; much more likely they will have been the ones who deflated the old model and evacuated its captors, only to have someone else present a new model now that the underlying business is in free agency.


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