Finally: Arquillian Test Not Only Working, Inside Eclipse!

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Finally: Arquillian Test Not Only Working, Inside Eclipse!

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Wow, so this is a huge leap forward AFAIC. When I was looking around for some thoughts on the maven archetypes and possible reasons that they were not working properly, I found the quick start page for Arquillian, which I had seen before, but decided 'hell, let me search for eclipse.' Found it, then found some instructions, then the first build took forever, the run failed because the server wasn‘t running (have to install your WTP servers into each workspace still :p). Then, right as I was about to run it, tweet comes over from Dan Allen and the test passes. (That‘s him smirking at 11 o‘clock (over the newly minted green bar).

The runtime was pretty fast.

The syntax of these tests is kind of ugly, but will lend themselves well to an eclipse template. (Which I will attach here..)

This is great. Hopefully it will keep going.

Arquillian Eclipse Template for Repository Test


From http://www.jroller.com/robwilliams/entry/finally_arquillian_test_not_only


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