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Finally Java EE has a Decent Visual

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Finally Java EE has a Decent Visual

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In the last years, at every single Java EE BOF, Java EE round table, or even on the Java EE Expert Group mailing list, I’ve complained aboutJava EE not having a decent visual. How can you brand such technology if you don’t have a proper symbol ? How can you print t-shirts, mugs, beautify your blogs, if Java EE doesn’t have any visual ? Of course, if we ask our friend Google about Java EE logos, you’ll get a bunch of everything, more or less beautiful, but the real official logo might be hidden in the maze of the Internet (I can’t even find it now).

Anyway, Java EE is 15 years old, and as a grown up, it was time to have a nice visualHere it is !

On top of that, remember to :

Now, spread the word, and use the Java EE visual whenever you feel it’s appropriate.

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