Finals Days to Vote for the Eclipse Community Awards

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Finals Days to Vote for the Eclipse Community Awards

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This Friday, February 27 at 5pmET is the deadline to vote for the individuals in the Eclipse Community Awards. If you haven’t already voted, now is the time to vote for the individuals that you think deserves special recognition for the extra effort they have contributed to the Eclipse community.

Thanks to the people at EclipseZone, you can read interviews with each of the nominees.

Top Committers

  • Martin Oberhuber Martin has been nominated for his work in leading the TM project and for reviving the Eclipse Architecture Council.
  • Steffen Pingel Steffen has been nominated for his contributions to the Mylyn project, with half of last year’s commits to the project coming from him.
  • Thomas Watson Thomas has been nominated for being the man behind the Equinox curtain. He also represents Eclipse on the EEG and CPEG committees at OSGi.org
  • Jason Weathersby Jason is well known for his work on the BIRT project, speaking at conferences, monitoring the news group and writing papers.
  • Paul Webster Paul has been nominated for his efforts helping people on IRC and newsgroups.
  • David Williams David has been nominated for his work on the WebTools project, providing an incubator within WebTools and for helping to catch those release trains

Top Contributors

  • Frank Becker Frank is well known for his work on the Mylyn project, in particular for his work on the Bugzilla connector.
  • Benjamin Cabe Benjamin was nominated for all the work he has done in the PDE project, along with his contributions to the modelling and platform projects.
  • Dave Carver Dave has been nominated for his contributions to the WTP project, where he’s involved in the XSL tools and the visual editor for XML. He is also a member of the architectural council.
  • Eugene Kuleshov Eugene has reported or commented on almost 3000 bugs in 7 years. He has been nominated for his work on the m2eclipse project, and is noted as being an incredibly dedicated Eclipse advocate
    Unfortunately, we do not have an interview available with Eugene.
  • Miles Parker Miles has been nominated for his work with the Equinox p2 team, where he has contributed something far more valuable to that team than patches: an end-user perspective that is different from that of Eclipse developers
  • Tom Schindl Tom has been nominated for helping to shape up the Platform UI and Databinding and recently bringing the UFacekit project over to Eclipse. He has also had a fundamental impact on the future of Eclipse through his contributions to the e4 project

Top Ambassadors

  • Nick Boldt A committer for many Eclipse projects and responsible for ensuring multiple builds are working, Nick is also popular in the Eclipse blogging community where his posts are often in the form of music or poetry.
  • Paul Fremantle Co-founder and CTO of WSO2, Paul has been praised for evangalising the Equinox platform and it’s use as part of an SOA platform.
  • Mik Kersten A well known member of the community, and the face behind Mylyn and Tasktop, Mik has even earned a JavaOne Rock Star Hall of Fame award. His work with Mylyn has demonstrated the capabilities of the Eclipse platform to a wide audience.
  • Tom Schindl Tom is Chief Software Engineer at BestSolution.at, and has been nominated for helping everywhere, across newsgroups, blogs and for hist work in presenting at Eclipse conferences. Tom is very involved in the e4 project, as well as Nebula and UFaceKit.
  • James Sugrue James is the editor at EclipseZone, and works as a software architect at Pilz. As well as leading the revival of EclipseZone, writing articles and doing interviews with some of the community leaders, James has begun to get more involved in some Eclipse projects.

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