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Find All Permutations of string - C#

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Find All Permutations of string - C#

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Find All Permutations of string - C# 

// 1. remove first char

// 2. find permutations of the rest of chars

// 3. Attach the first char to each of those permutations.

// 3.1 for each permutation, move firstChar in all indexes to produce even more permutations.

// 4. Return list of possible permutations.

public string[] FindPermutations(string word)


if (word.Length == 2)


char[] _c = word.ToCharArray();

string s = new string(new char[] { _c[1], _c[0] });

return new string[]






List _result = new List();

string[] _subsetPermutations = FindPermutations(word.Substring(1));

char _firstChar = word[0];

foreach (string s in _subsetPermutations)


string _temp = _firstChar.ToString() + s;


char[] _chars = _temp.ToCharArray();

for (int i = 0; i

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