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A few years ago an Android designer was a mythical creature comparable to unicorns and flying spaghetti monsters. But the world has changed. Google is putting more efforts to design, we have more design focused discussions with the awesome Android developer advocates and the Android design community is starting to have their own stars who people pay attention to and for a good reason. If you haven't heard about Marie Schweiz, Paul Burke and many others you should definitely join the discussion and meet these people who drive Android designer community forwards. Android designers no-longer have to be in the back stage of design or work in isolation.

Google+ has been the center of Android development driven discussion for about a year now. To me, it is the number one source for understanding what kind of new and cool open source projects are under development and to probe the general atmosphere in the Android development community.

But now, finally, there's a place for Android designers. It is the Android Designers community on Google+. While the Google started Android Design community is getting flooded with developer questions the Android Designers community is keeping tight control over the subject matter.

If you're a designer do yourself a favour and join us in the discussion. If you happen to be the only designer in your company supporting Android this is the place to get support from other developers struggling with the same issues. In the last week we've had discussions about design patterns, creating scalable graphics, navigation issues on different devices as well as some cool redesigns for existing apps.

The community is held private but everyone is let in. Just join and the friendly moderator squad will let you in in no time. Only think that we ask is that you leave your developer focused questions outside and avoid too general questions. This community is for professional designers working in the field (although you don't have to be one to join). It is meant for topics that drive the Android deign forwards not to teach design in general.

You'll find the community by clicking this link: Android Designers on Google+

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