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Find Out How Boeing Uses the NetBeans Platform!

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Find Out How Boeing Uses the NetBeans Platform!

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The JavaOne presentations from years gone by are all available on-line in various forms. Yesterday I discovered that one of the best NetBeans Platform presentations ever done at JavaOne is one of these. It is presented by two engineers working at Boeing, about the platform and application they built atop the NetBeans Platform.

What the presentation focuses on:

  • Explain the challenges we faced creating large Swing applications and why a framework is needed
  • Show you what the NetBeans Platform is
  • Share what we learned and how

Here's the first slide of the presentation, click on it to jump to the site (where you'll need to log in, via a login that shouldn't be hard to create) to actually HEAR and SEE the presentation being delivered!

You can also jump around within the presentation, using the Segments list on the right, so that you can see several different applications that Boeing has worked on, in the context of their platform built atop the NetBeans Platform, such as this one:

Have fun listening/watching this presentation. It's really very clear, thorough, and just very cool all round.


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