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Discover how you can get APIs and microservices to work at true enterprise scale.

 As with previous DZone research guides, we currently have an audience survey making the rounds for our 2014 Guide to Enterprise Integration. DZone has been focusing on enterprise architecture with our content for many years now, and we've seen that there is a lot to learn about the obstacles that developers and integration experts face. This survey explores some interesting topics such as:

  • Who is working to integrate apps, services, and components?
  • Who is using microservices and how are they being used?
  • What popular ESBs, MQs, and platforms are architects really utilizing?
  • What components and systems are being integrated?
  • How are developers incorporating REST principles into API management? 

And much more... there's a lot that the community could stand to learn about itself. We predict that these insights will be valuable to many people, including both the developers working to integrate systems as well as the managers that oversee these teams, and even the C-level executives looking for integration solutions that fit their needs. But to provide the most valuable data insights that we can, we need to hear from as many developers, architects, and integration experts as possible.

By taking part in this survey, you are contributing to a research guide that includes many valuables components—but the most valuable component is the feedback we get from our developers. So if you have the chance, please take our 2014 Enterprise Integration Survey, and pass it around your team.


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