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Find4j 0.3 released

Find4j is a file search utility which can find files in any nested hierarchy of directories and zip-compatible archives, according to user-specified file patterns and search terms.

What's new in Find4j v0.3.0

  • The results view now provides sortable columns for the size, compressed size, last modified date and attributes of the files
  • The search term field now has auto-completion enabled
  • the size of the auto-completion history can be configured in the config/config.properties file
  • An explicit message is now displayed in the status bar to indicate that no files were found
  • The size and position of the Find4j window are now persisted and retrieved on startup, along with the size of the columns sizes in the table view
  • New Windows installer (still requires Java)


Find4j links: Find4j home - Downloads - Documentation - User forums

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