Fiorano Claim to be the Fastest MQ in the World

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Fiorano Claim to be the Fastest MQ in the World

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During JavaOne I had a minute or two to talk with two Fiorano team members: Vinay Kalra and Sreenivasa Rao Sugguna

What is Fiorano?

Fiorano is a commercial Business Integration Platform, including the lowest latency Java Messaging Server in the world according our own benchmark.

What a strong statement, how did you get to this conclusion?

We have our own benchmark where we prove to beat other commercial messaging systems from vendors like IBM, TIBCO, Oracle. You can download the benchmark from our site. Simple posting: we leverage up to fifty thousand messages per second.

Do you have open-source tools as well?

No, we produce a set of proprietary tools. The core of our business is our Java based Business Integration Container and then we have a friendly GUI called Fiorano Studio. The Studio makes really simple to the business intelligence analysts and architects to orchestrate the Java EE applications. The Fiorano Studio is a Netbeans RCP application and comes with the designer tools required to configure an ESB workflow.

* I had the chance to play a bit with the Fiorano Studio, and it looks like the OpenESB tools available in the Netbeans platform, but it is faster and more reliable. You have a drag-and-drop canvas where you compose the application workflow and then you can deploy and test directly on a Java EE container.

What else we can expect from Fiorano?

Fiorano focuses in reducing the learning curve of its operators, it is a very ease of use tool that comes with complete support and documentations. Our customers portfolio includes some of the 500 richest companies out there and our customers usually manifest satisfaction and highly productivity with our tools.

What about the company, where is it? An Italian company I suppose (the brand of the company is written with Ferrari-like fonts)

No no (lol) we are not Italians. Fiorano Headquarter is located at Silicon Valley and our team has around hundred people worldwide, including offices in Singapore, New Jersey, London and Japan. The reason of the name and fonts is because the founder of the company likes the cars of Ferrari.

Vinay Kalra and Sreenivasa Rao Sugguna during the JavaOne 2009.

With Fiorano I closed my series of short interviews in the JavaOne Pavilion. It was really fun to behave like a reporter for a week and I plan to repeat the experience some day. From the lessons learned:

I confirmed my early impressions about the impossibility of keeping the blog quality while following a conference. From the other side I felt very comfortable offering the booth people a chance to talk and to expose their products. They have a lot to say, and many booths include the developers of the tools. I visited several other booths, where I could know in person the editor of the TheServerSide website and almost everyone who produces software in SUN Microsystems. Nice time, if you have a blog you should try to include the booths blogging in your next conference.

From http://weblogs.java.net/blog/felipegaucho


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