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Firefox 7 Beta Continues Mozilla's Updating Blitz

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Firefox 7 Beta Continues Mozilla's Updating Blitz

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Following a routine that gives users a new version of Firefox every 6 weeks, Mozilla has announced a beta of Firefox 7, which will use as much as 50 percent less memory than Firefox 6. The new version's efficiency comes from a project called "MemShrink", which was created to pare down Firefox consumption of memory and stop bugs that prevent memory from being released to Firefox when tabs are closed.

Firefox 7 is due for release September 27th. Click here to learn more, and download the beta of version 7 here.

But don't get too comfy. Firefox 8 is due for release November 8th.

Linux Foundation Releases SPDX Version 1.0

The Linux Foundation announced the first release of the Software Package Data Exchange specification (SPDX 1.0),  targeted towards helping companies who focus in assembling open source packages comply with the necessary license requirements of the software they use.

SPDX creates a definitive file format for detailed license and copyright information for software packages, and is a major part of the Linux Foundation's Open Compliance Program, focused towards providing all the components needed for open source and supply chains to work in harmony.

Twitter Open Sources Front-End Web App Toolkit

Twitter has announced Bootstrap, a front-end toolkit designed for rapidly developing web applications. Consisting of a collection of CSS and HTML conventions, it uses the latest browser techniques to provide everything from typography and forms to grids and navigation in a super-compact resource (it's a scant 6k).

Click here
to download Bootstrap from GitHub and learn more.

Google Apps Enhances Admin Console For Free Users

New IT administration features have been added to the free version of Google's Apps collaboration suite to manage and secure data, including delegated administration, multi domain support, and fine-grained user policy management. In the past, these features were only available to Google Apps for Business users.


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