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Firefox 7: new features for developers

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This post summarizes the highlights of “What’s new for Web Developers in Firefox 7” by Christopher Blizzard for Mozilla Hacks:

  • text-overflow: ellipsis. If text is too long to fit into a given box, this CSS setting cuts it off with a nice triple dot.
  • WebSockets are back: with an updated (more secure) version of the protocol. They are now enabled by default on Firefox for Mobile.
  • Canvas speed improvements.
  • Restrictions on a site’s ability to resize the current window:
    • A site can only resize a window or a tab if it was created by window.open().
    • A site cannot resize a tab it it’s in a window with more than one tab.
    That’s a good one. Apps that resize a window with several tabs in it are a major nuisance. It’s just incompetent programming: Instead of opening a new window and then resizing it, just give it the right dimensions from the start. The above rules should put an end to this kind of shenanigans.
  • Support for the Navigation Web Timing spec.
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