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First Impressions of OS X Mountain Lion – It Didn't Break my Java Development

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I love upgrades to the Mac OS which usually bring lots of new features to try and a shiny fresh look – and Mountain Lion (released last weekend) has lots of these. But I also like my current setup to carry on working (so I can carry on working). So it was with some slight trepidation that I choose the upgrade option for the new version of Mac OS X…

So I am very pleased to report that after a very smooth install, I needed minimal changes to get back to work. When I ran IDEA for the first time it asked to install a Java6 runtime (which it did automatically for me) and then ran without issue. Firing up Eclipse and NetBeans were totally hassle free and I have yet to find any issues with running my Java code.

The only issue I did find was that I use Mercurical and I needed to reinstall this (the latest version at http://mercurial.berkwood.com/ works without issue). So 2 minor reinstalls and I am back to work on Java on my Mac (when maybe slightly distracted by the new features). A new security feature in Mountain Lion means that you will need to change security settings to allow the software to install.

Mountain Lion seems like an excellent update for 20 US dollars, but my favourite feature is that it does not break any of my work tools. What do you think of Mountain Lion?

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