The First Wave of New Windows Phones, and XNA Game Development

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The First Wave of New Windows Phones, and XNA Game Development

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Pictures and specs for several Windows Phone 7-based handsets have leaked over the past few weeks, and today's new video of LG's c900 is the latest glimpse at a Windows Phone 7 model.  Even though none of the models have been officially unveiled, we're starting to get a pretty good sense of the lineup of Windows Phone releases this fall, when the brand new mobile OS launches.  Microsoft will release it's final bundle of development tools for the WP7 platform on September 16th, and the Mobile Marketplace will start taking submissions in early October.

Here's fuzzy video of the c900's touchscreen-only model:

There's also a few better looking photos of the keyboard model over at engadget.

The c900 isn't the only model that LG is releasing with Windows Phone OS on it.  According to an FCC filing, the " W910" model has been approved as a Windows Phone model, but we're not 100% certain that it's for WP7 yet. 


Handset-heavyweight HTC is also ready to test the Windows Phone 7 waters with it's Mozart model:


Expect a WP7 model from Samsung as well.

Notice how all of the phones have similar screen size and resolution.  It seems that Microsoft will be keeping tighter specifications for its new Windows Phones than some other platforms.  None of the "Taylor" models that developers currently have will ever be released commercially.

XNA and Gaming on WP7
One of the main advantages of Windows Phone 7, and perhaps one of their biggest marketing hooks will be the XNA game development platform, which will link to the popular Xbox gaming console via Xbox Live.  Gamers should be able to sync data, applications, and many other resources through their accounts, making WP7 a very lucrative platform for the Xbox audience.

Here is a screenshot of the game "Crackdown 2: Project Sunburst":


It's a tower defense game that uses real maps and locations in the gaming environment via the Bing Maps API.

For more educational content on how to develop WP7 games on the XNA platform, check out the XNA Creators Club.  Like many other smartphone platforms, games will probably be the most lucrative types of apps on Windows Phone 7 as well.

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