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Five Can’t-Miss Sessions from DevOps World | Jenkins World 2018

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Five Can’t-Miss Sessions from DevOps World | Jenkins World 2018

Get excited for must-see talks at DevOps World/Jenkins World on topics like DevSecOps and Docker, plus a special deal for DZoners!

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It’s that time of year! DevOps World | Jenkins World is right around the corner and with a new name and an added location – Nice, France – it’s shaping up to be bigger and better than ever. This year’s event in San Francisco from September 16 -19, will host more than 70 sessions covering a variety of DevOps and Jenkins topics from security, pipeline automation and containers to DevOps adoption and continuous delivery best practices.

In addition to keynotes from Kohsuke Kawaguchi, the creator of Jenkins and CTO at CloudBees, Sacha Labourey, CloudBees’ CEO and co-founder and Dr. Nicole Forsgren, CEO and chief scientist of DORA, there will be a number of sessions conducted by industry practitioners.

With sessions ranging across industry and topics, it can be difficult to know which sessions to be most excited about. To help plan your schedule, here are five recommendations to consider:

DevSecOps: The Missing Link

For many, the transition to DevOps starts small, in a single team or a new project and often involves pieced-together open source solutions with little to no security. To scale effectively, deploying daily, hourly or even more frequently, organizations must infuse security in all aspects of software development and deployment. Join XebiaLabs Chief Product Officer and recognized industry thought leader in DevOps and continuous deployment, Robert Stroud, as he shares market trends, tips and techniques to incorporate security into the complete DevOps lifecycle.

Using Docker for Development

Wouldn't it be great for a new developer on your team to have their dev environment totally set up on their first day? Wouldn’t you love having your CI tests running in the background while you work on new features? What about having the confidence that your dev environment mirrors testing and prod? Containers enable this all to become reality, along with other great benefits like keeping dependencies nice and tidy and making packaged code easier to share. As the director of engineering at CloudBees and a Docker Captain, Laura Frank will explain primary ways containers can help you build and ship software easily, and you will walk away with two actionable steps your organization can adopt using Docker.

Bumps, Bruises, and Bandaids: Real-World Lessons from Practitioners

Hear from five DevOps experts as they share challenges and missteps encountered in the DevOps journey and the lessons learned along the way. The panel of experts includes Guido de Caso, software architect in developer experience, Medallia Inc.; Daniel Ireland, associate technical director, Electronic Arts Canada; Ari LiVigni, principal software engineer, Red Hat; Charlene O’Hanlon, managing editor, DevOps.com; and, Gowri Sivaraman, senior engineering manager, Intuit.

The Fast and Furious Builds at PayPal

PayPal has implemented a Continuous Integration as a Service platform with Jenkins, Docker, Mesos and Apache Aurora running more than 4,000 Jenkins instances in a hybrid cloud environment. This talk will focus on how Manivannan Selvaraj and the core platform and infrastructure team at PayPal reduce build time for different app stacks like Java, Node.js, C++ and more.

Small Teams — Big Build Culture at NPR Digital Media

Is your team small, but your builds large? Is there at least one monolith amongst your newer microservices that tends to be the beast lurking in the closet, when it comes to release? "White knuckle releases" have plagued the NPR Digital Media teams for years. Building out a solid, well-rehearsed system based on Jenkins jobs did the trick, initially. While improving on that path, Grant Dickie of National Public Radio shares the lessons have been learned, release-day alarms that have been sounded and systems that have been forced into "DevOps-ification."

To check out all DevOps World | Jenkins World has to offer, make sure to register today! DZone readers can receive 20% off their registration fee using the code JWDZOCUST.

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