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Five Fun F# Facts

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Five Fun F# Facts

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Infragistics - Five interesting facts about Microsoft F#

Since its 2005 conception at a Microsoft Research Center, use of the F# language has seen steady growth among developers both in the Open Source Community and for enterprise applications. Because it combines safe, simple and robust coding with the option of application on practically any operating system, it makes for an interesting proposition with developers seeking simple solutions to complex problems.

Many consider F# particularly suitable to scientific or big data based applications, but it is actually good when applied to a whole host of problems and applications. Characterized as a functional programming language with strong typing, it is able to express a developer's ideas in a succinct and declarative way.

However, while growing in popularity, F# is a long way from universal adoption. In this post we’re going to look in more detail at what makes F# different and why it might be you worth getting to know better.

1. The importance of community...

2. Five wins for functional programming ...

3. Practical application in a variety of industries ...

4. Universal ...

5. Fun to use ...


I don't F# yet, but really dig the work being done on it and the community behind it. It's the little train that could... :)


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