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Five Habits of the Highly Engaged Social Employee

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Five Habits of the Highly Engaged Social Employee

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More organizations are realizing the importance of adopting an internal social network, or a social intranet. As a client success manager at Bloomfire, I’m always excited to meet new members of our ever growing team, and get to know them better, both in person and online.

Since I work at Bloomfire, I feel that it’s important to use our product the way our customers do, and one important aspect of Bloomfire is its impact on social interactions in the workplace.

Regardless of the reasons your organization chose to implement an internal social network – whether to enable sales, improve customer service, or take onboarding and training to the next level – there are ways you can personally reap the benefits by following these 5 habits of highly engaged social employees:

1. Accelerate the initial “bonding” period with coworkers.
Are you new or just don’t know everyone in your company? Use social as a way to engage and bond with those employees that you may not know that well. Do your networking online and don’t feel guilty about having to skip the next company happy hour!

2. Become a company expert.
Just because you are an all star and doing everything right doesn’t mean everyone is aware. Don’t become a “know it all” but definitely spread useful knowledge. Using a platform to share something you have learned not only makes your fellow coworkers aware of your knowledge, but also lets them know you are willing to share information.

3. Use others’ knowledge to build up your own.
Become an information sponge. Subscribe to all new updates, if that’s reasonable. This way, each time someone shares procedural or instructional directions, you will always be the first to know.

4. Hone your profile so that others can easily learn about you and your interests.
Do you have a passion or a skill that others do not know about? List your skills and expertise on your internal profile. This may lead to unexpected victories or questions in areas of your company that you didn’t even expect.

5. Show you are a team player. Interact with others.
Someone post photos from a company event? Make some comments. Did you or your team do something that was worthy of broadcast? Post a photo. This reminds people you are active and willing to put yourself out there.

If your organization has an internal social network, utilize it! It’s not only a good way to get to know your coworkers, but it also has great networking potential.


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