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Five Simple Ways to Improve Employee Performance

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Five Simple Ways to Improve Employee Performance

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We all know the script, same thing, different day! We get up, we go to work and we go home then we repeat this 5, 6 or even 7 days a week, However the time you spend at work does not necessarily need to become just the stuffing in between leaving for work and coming home from work. And yet for too many of us it is!

There are numerous things a manager or employer can do to help engage their employees more and help them to feel more passionate and worthwhile in their working lives. To give your employees and company a boost in productivity try to incorporate these key strategies.

1. Know your employees past

Try not to think of every sales rep as a sales rep and every Marketing Exec as a marketing exec, there is a reason you employed each of them which mainly boils down to their past experiences. Consider what past skills they gained through previous positions and how your business may benefit from them, this could save you lots of time and money. They may even enjoy doing them if they see the benefits to them.

2. Be attentive

It’s impossible to accommodate every workers hopes and dreams but that doesn’t mean you cannot help them along the way. You should know what all your employees are doing and try to understand how they think they could contribute their skills to the company. Work together to find an in between for what they like to do and what actually needs doing this way everybody is happy and employees keep more productive when tasks become inspiring.

3. Have a great communication structure

It is highly important that employees feel they are able to come and talk to you whenever they need to. By implementing open communication channels in the workplace everyone will know what’s happening and be able to take care of issues before they arise. When employees have something they need to discuss they will know they can come to you and likewise if you have some constructive criticism for an employee you can also talk with them in a reasonable manner.

By communicating with your employees this will enable you to discuss openly about expectations and productivity and help build your business.

4. Streamline operations for the office.

No employee likes bureaucracy. When employees are requested to report to a number of managers or their expectations are unclear then the work environment starts to become disorientated, frustrated and disorganised. When there is no clear outline or engagement with employee duties and manager responsibilities it becomes easy for employees to get into inefficient habits.

5. Reward your employee’s achievements

If it is standard procedure to reward your employees for their productivity it will gradually start to become prioritised. By highlighting even the unusual stand out employees will help bring a sense of worthiness and show that hard work, improvement and motivation will not go unnoticed and will be worthwhile more importantly your employees will continue to be productive and shine.

This article was contributed by Michael Adams of Employment Law Answered. Michael has been working in employment law for many years and also consults on employee training, customer service and more. For further information please visit his website.


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